Project 4: The Flying Start for Sudan (10,000 copies)

Sudan is, formally speaking, an Islamic country but currently there is a relative freedom of religion due to its political and economic instability. How long this freedom will last no one knows. What we do know is that in recent years the Christian church has grown explosively, creating a large need for accessible Bible study material such as The Flying Start. Even more urgent is the fact that the freedom to distribute Christian literature in Sudan will probably not last very long and will decrease after 2010. For this reason Arrowz has launched the project ‘The Flying Start for Sudan’ in cooperation with Norwegian missionary Jan Ernst Gabrielsen. The project aims to distribute 10,000 copies of The Flying Start in Arabic in Sudan starting in Februari/March 2011.

Donate € 25,= and receive a free copy of The Flying Start

The cost of one copy of The Flying Start in Arabic plus the supporting training material is € 2.50. In total € 25,000.= is needed to distribute 10.000 copies of The Flying Start in Arabic. This budget includes translation, graphic design, printing, transportation costs and website development. Arrowz Publishing House gives a free copy of The Flying Start to anyone who donates € 25, = or more. So the person who gives away ten Arabic copies, receives one Dutch copy for free. Also read the articles that have appeared in the Dutch media and the fascinating press release, in which Jan Ernst Gabrielsen explains the project.

2010-07 Opwekking_Breng het Evangelie in Soedan zolang het nog kan – artikel

2010-06 Charisma_Vliegende Start voor Soedan – artikel

Press release The Flying Start for Sudan 2010-4-20 web

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