This website and series of books with the same name are dedicated to learning how to live a victorious life. They point the way to a victorious life as a concrete, everyday reality.

Jesus says: “Everything is possible for him who believes [Mark 9:23 NKJV].” A victorious life is within reach for everybody. Many will agree with that, but the big question is: How do you make this truth a reality in your life? The website, books and other materials give a clear answer to this question based on the Bible and many practical examples.

To live a victorious life yourself is a wonderful journey full of exciting discoveries, but to be a guide for others is even better. The website therefore also offers tools for those who want to lead others into a victorious life. These materials are accessible and very practical. They are designed to be user-friendly.

It is our prayer as the Megaphos team that the website, books and supporting materials will lead many into the victorious life God has promised us all in Jesus Christ!

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